Our babies are not medical waste [Updated]

[Update below…]

I had the blessing of talking to a long-time friend this weekend who has also suffered a loss – her 16 week baby a few years ago. Sadly, I found that she was both pushed into a D&C she didn’t want (an all too common occurrence) and afterward when she requested the body of her baby to bury, her requests were refused. To this day she doesn’t even know the sex of the baby. This is heart-breaking and angering. I’ve decided that this barbarism needs to stop. I will be contacting my local hospital (not the same hospital) and speaking to the director of pathology about their policies concerning the disposition of the bodies of babies removed during surgery. If that policy is not clear about releasing the body to the parents if they so desire, then I will do whatever necessary to make sure it is changed. Then I will speak to the director of preoperative nursing to ensure that patients are informed of their right to claim their baby’s body after a D&C or laparoscopy for an ectopic pregnancy.

This is just one hospital, in one town, in one state. I will not stop here, but I can hardly effect change in the entire country. Will you step forward in your own community? See what the laws are in your state. Contact your local hospital. The barbaric “custom” of refusing to release the bodies of our unborn children to us for respectful burial must end.

Update: I have been talking to Sherokee Ilse and will be merging my efforts in this direction with hers. If you have had an experience similar to that of the friend I described above, please email me (lostinnocentsorthodox @ gmail dot com (no spaces)). I would like to hear from you. I will be documenting some of my progress here.

6 thoughts on “Our babies are not medical waste [Updated]

  1. thegeekywife

    I think my mom STILL has the gall stones in a little jar that were removed from her… must be nearly 20 years ago.

    How very sad to be refused the opportunity to bury your own child!

    Kyrie Eleison.


  2. Danny's Mommy

    Anna, this post is beautiful! This has been bothering me for a LONG time. As you know, I miscarried Danny at home, and we were allowed to bury him. However, the experience got me to thinking about those who never do get to bury their child. It's absurd! And yes, it needs to stop. I actually think as babyloss mothers, we need to ban together, contact our legislators in this country, and get the ball moving on this one. I have some political contacts & intend to find out what we can do about this, particularly in Texas. Being one of the BIG 4 (big 4 states that lots of other states tend to follow & look to for legislation guidance, the 4 being CA, FL, NY, & TX) I believe getting this started in Texas can have a profound impact on the nation AND help with the healing of greiving families. Not being allowed to bury our babies IS indeed traumatizing. Bless you for stepping up and speaking out! Innocent is so very proud of you! ❤ Franki P.S. Thank you for mentioning Danny in your update comment.


  3. Matushka Anna

    Brent, it completely depends on the hospital. In most, they are just medical waste. In some, they are medical waste and incinerated at the hospital to use for energy. In some (mostly Catholic hospitals, but some others) they are buried a few times a year in a mass grave.



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