100 Hats for Common Care

I have a challenge for my readers: can we make and donate at least 100 hats to Common Care during the next two months? I sent off nine little hats in the mail today (shown in the photo) so that’s a start! Michelle (the director of Common Care) is flat out of hats and needs more to send to grieving families.

You can find more information about making hats on my post here, and information for Common Care here or on Facebook here.

If you make some hats and send them, feel free to post a photo of your hats on the Lost Innocents Facebook page!

2 thoughts on “100 Hats for Common Care

  1. Wendy Wimberley

    Matushka, this is Wendybyrd from Rav. Can you tell me if there are still hats needed, and where I might send them if I make some? (Or who I need to contact?) I've been clicking here, there, and everywhere and bewildered meself. I love the idea of some small thing to remember a little one by. Thanks for reading, and for your posts. I lost my second (& last) child at about 9 weeks in Feb. 1996, and was deeply depressed. I still am on meds for chronic depression that really ramped up after that loss. It took me YEARS to accept that there would be no more children, and I have nothing to mark that there was ever a little life. These hats are a neat idea for something tangible that connects to a little one.
    Thanks, sorry; I wrote rather more than I'd planned.


  2. Matushka Anna

    There are always hats needed! Michelle from Common Care (the two links are above) is taking them. Since they recently moved to NC she is currently using her personal mailing address to accept them so I don't want to post it here. I've messaged her to ask if she has set up a PO box yet. If not, I'll PM you on Ravelry to give you her mailing address. Thanks so much! And may the memory of your little one be eternal!



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